Thop TV Apple Download [Latest] App APK 2021

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Thop TV Apple Download

If you are an iPhone user and you want an application that can stream all your favorite TV shows in your phone anywhere anytime. Then we have a good news for you that we have an app that can literally solve all your streaming issues on iPhone within a second, we know iPhone users are so bound in the iOS/iPhone that they cannot enjoy the features of Android apps. But don’t worry, an free application named Thop TV for apple download is the solution for all of your problems regarding streaming. Now available on iPhone too.

About Thop TV Apple Download

Application had a super success in its android and PC versions. There is huge amount of users on both Android & PC that are getting benefits from Thop TV. The developers of Thop TV heard the complains of iPhone users that application should be compatible for the iOS/iPhone too rather than just for Android OS & PC. After a long wait, Thop TV developers released the iPhone version of Thop TV.

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Now iPhone lovers can easily watch their favorite TV shows on their phones anywhere they want. As we have vast collection on Android & PC, we have large number of channels on iOS/iPhone too. Approximately, Thop TV has 5000 channels installed in it. no restriction of channels. Just download and enjoy the show. And every channel you stream is always available on HD stream. No way, Thop TV is going to give to low quality stream unless or until you have poor internet connection. Now let us talk about some of the features of Thop TV that is being developed for iOS/iPhone users.

Updated OnApril 02, 2021
RequirementIOS Device

Features of Thop TV Apple Download APK

  • No Channel Restriction:

Application is made for the streaming of your favorite channels on your phones. You can stream any channel on your phone without any restriction on it. as we told earlier that ThopTV has more than 5000 channels to stream in your phone. What other thing left after this number? Plus, if you don’t find any channel then you can also request for activation of that Channel in your phone. Isn’t that great?

  • Complete Cinema:

If you think that “ThopTV” is just for streaming TV shows and that is the only purpose of it. then you are probably wrong, ThopTV also have more than 3000 movies already installed in it, which makes your phone a “Walking Cinema”. Imagine having your own TV+Cinema in your pocket. What else you want?

  • HD Quality Stream:

Application offers HD quality stream for its users. Now watch all of your TV shows and movies in high definition. No intense buffering will take place while stream. Just make sure you have good internet connection and we are good to go.

  • Ads Free:

We know that most of the application that streams TV shows are full of ads and sometimes it is annoying for users when they have to compromise their shows for ads. Well, you won’t be bothered by ads in ThopTV, totally ads free.

  • Free & Lite:

Application is totally free to use. Nothing will be charged from you plus the lite size of the application makes it even more attracting to users.


Thop TV Apple Download APK provides you everything that requires to be called a TV, probably even more. Gives you the content of your interest plus its movie installed feature makes it untouchable and most of all, it is all available on iOS/iPhone now. Currently it is not available on official website for iOS/iPhone. But when it will. We will let you know.

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